Five Steps for
online success

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Know your destination

Have a clear picture of what you'd like to achieve. Whether it is new engagement levels, customer retention, or increased sales. Your online platform needs to reflect its intention throughout its design.

To do so, question the existence of all elements in the platform with your intentions in mind. Remove anything that distracts the visitor. Enhance the elements that will lead them to the planned destination.

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Get to know your audience fans

Your fans are a valuable resource and you should get to know them as best you can. They are much more than statistics and figures.

Do they have a problem that you can help solve? Are they expecting changes on your current offers? Could they use some guidance to discover your products?

Understand their needs, expectations, and behaviors. This will allow you to offer something meaningful for them.

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Push the boundaries.

Give yourself the challenge of exploring uncharted territory within the digital space. It is an ever-evolving medium, with plenty of opportunities on how to deliver value in new ways.

Brainstorm functionalities, devices, api's, usability, interfaces, etc. Creating something unique will set yourself apart from the competition.

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Hack it, test it, scrap it.

Once you have your creative solution thought out, find cost-effective ways to prototype it. Aim for the easiest way to test your concept, from paper cut-outs to basic live wireframes.

Showing it to a few fans in the early stage allows you to check its effectiveness and gather new insights. Use this new information to iterate upon the idea and prepare for a successful launch.

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Beat your records.

Once your platform is live, your focus should shift towards gathering data on how your fans are using it. With that data, explore ways of making your platform more effective.

Make a continuous habit out of this. Review it often and discover what actions will help you achieve your business goals. What is good can always get better.

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